German Shepherd Flag Truck Bed Decals - Set of 2 |Kat's Designs

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*Custom Decals, colors, and sizes available*

German Shepherd Truck Bed Decals

Don't see what you are looking for? Send us a message, we can make decals of almost any design in a variety of sizes and colors.

The decal is shipped as a rectangle and the wheel well is trimmed to fit by the purchaser. I do offer several height options. Please measure carefully as I do NOT replace or exchange these decals.

The background WILL NOT be part of the decal! These are die-cut decals and are made from Oracal 651 - 6 year outdoor vinyl, 2.5 mil.

Body Vinyl (BLACK ONLY) - cut in Oracal 751 High Performance Cast Vinyl
Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -58°F to +230°F, no variation
8 years – black and white

Our die-cut decals are made from 5-7 year outdoor vinyl, and will last for many years indoors as well. This decal design is easy/moderate to apply but are not repositionable once applied. The decal can be applied to any smooth surface. The surface should always be cleaned thoroughly before applying to ensure for a better adherence to the surface. These are not extremely difficult to apply but they do take a bit of patience and a general knowledge of applying a decal correctly. Please watch videos prior to applying.

No refunds/exchanges for products damaged in shipping. All orders shipped by Priority or Express services are insured - Truck bed decals are ALWAYS shipped priority. Thank you.

If you have ordered a design that requires a proof or requested a proof on a custom order please watch for your proof to be received. Your shipment will be delayed if you do not respond. If no response is received by the 2nd ship date your order will be shipped as seen in the proof. All proofs are sent in BLACK, this does not reflect the color of your order. The proof is for layout and accuracy ONLY. Your decal will be cut in white unless another color is ordered or specified.

Please note that all truck bed decals are considered "Custom" and are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges.

Please check your shipping addresses during checkout that they are up to date and correct. You will be responsible for shipping fees on any order than is returned due to an issue with your address.

*NOTE* Reflective Vinyl brand may vary and is only available in WHITE, RED, OR BLACK

Not all designs are available in Reflective Vinyl