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50% of all Disability Dog Decals goes directly to Disability Dogs!!  25% of all decals ordered with a Disability Dogs Decal will also be donated!

I can't say thank you enough to Ashley for taking on my daughters dog Pyro and training him for her!  I'm looking forwards to the two of them working together so she can move forward with her life.  After a year and a half on a waiting list for a service dog she is counting the days until she has Pyro home :)

Disability Dogs -

Making disability ABILITY

Are you looking for a dog to meet you needs or the needs of a person with needs beyond "just a dog"? Our organization is dedicated to proving high quality service dog at little or no cost to veterans and first responders. We are in the process of going non-profit. Due to the current climate we have been facing delays. 

Our organization is based out of Gainesville, FL and offer a multitude of training options. We believe in cooperative training (helping you train your dog), while not every dog is not capable of completing the mission we do our best to accommodate the needs. If your dog is not capable of rising up we offer program dogs at little to no costs. 

 Our organization is involved with several reputable breeders that provide our organization with prospect dogs. Unlike many organizations we whole-heartedly believe in the value of cooperative training (training your dog with you) to produce successful service dog teams.


Recommended Decal Sizes:

Cell phone: 2"
Yeti 20 oz: 2-3"
Yeti 30 oz: 3-4"
Laptop or tablet: 3-4"
Notebooks or binders: 3-6"
Car: 4-12"
Coolers: 6-8"

The background WILL NOT be part of the sticker! These are die-cut decals and are made from Oracal 651 - 6 year outdoor vinyl, 2.5 mil.

Our die-cut decals are made from 5-7 year outdoor vinyl, and will last for many years indoors as well. The decals are easy to apply but are not repositionable once applied. The decal can be applied to any smooth surface. The surface should always be cleaned thoroughly before applying to ensure for a better adherence to the surface.

Decals are suitable for outdoor application, car windows, etc. They will stick to most smooth surfaces. These decals are not dishwasher or microwave safe.